Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tom Conneely - NorthWest Artists Group Profile

The main influences on Tom’s work are the sky, land and water and how light interacts with each, whether breaking through clouds, highlighting the countryside or reflecting on water.

Sligo has been Tom’s home for the past 25 years. It’s natural, then, for him to use the west coast as inspiration for his oil paintings, mostly capturing the effects of the rising and setting sun on this varied background of sea shore, lakeside and captivating, diverse land.

The moments he values most are when rays of sunlight glance through overcast skies, with the subsequent interplay of color, light and space on the clouds and landscape. This shifting light and variety of moods give him no end of possibilities and motivation to interpret something new from what he sees around him every day, to turn paint into images that constantly challenges him and to convey how it feels to be there at that time.

His work is mostly held in private collections, mainly in Ireland and the UK, including that of the Polish Ambassador to Ireland and Mark Feehily from Westlife. His recent exhibitions were as part of a group show of Sligo Artists titled Art, Land of Heart’s Desire at Gallery Zozimus, Dublin and as part of a group show at Lissadell House, Sligo.

Tranquil Inlet
30.5cm X 40.6cm

Atlantic Force
40.6cm X 50.8cm

Flash Fog
30.5cm X 40.6cm

Gentle Slopes
35.6cm X 45.7cm


  1. Always have liked his work. It is a pity that we in the Netherlands don't have such beautiful skylines anymore. Most of our nature is conquered by concrete nowadays. In earlier days we had these though, and see what painters we had in the 17th Century... Tom Conneely, and modern Rembrandt?.....

  2. Tom's work is inspirational. I am delighted to say I am the proud owner of one of his paintings and will be on the look out for more.

    Keep them coming Tom!

  3. There is a certain something about his paintings that marry vibrant colours and tranquil scenes seamlessly. Obviously a talent worth watching.

  4. I first came accross Tom's paintings at an exhibition in Zozimus and later stumbled upon his collection in another gallery in Sligo. This time i couldn't resist! I was captured by his expression and realism and most importanly his use of colour in his skies & landscape. His paintings are simple, but yet quite alot going on, through his magnificent array of colours, and found myself lost in all of his paintings. I truely recommend this modern contemporary artist. I am so looking forward to his new collection!
    A big fan!
    Carol, Dublin

  5. Don't know much about art, but I have to say that these pictures are just beautiful.

    There's something about the colours, and the mood that they create...Well if you could only put music with them, then they would be the most tranquil, or angry, or thoughtful, or whatever mood you might be in....well there seems to be a piece of art to match.

    I'll keep an eye on this fellah even though I don't but art.....YET.

    Brendan Keane

  6. Looking at your creations, there is only one word that springs to my mind - Stunning
    Pure talent here....
    Best of Luck with all your work!

  7. I must say my favourite scenes to view are ones of the sea and the sky, combining at the end of a long tumultuous day or the start of new fresh day, and being from the west coast myself, it is such a pleasure to view these paintings. Tom seems to capture the mood of the moment perfectly, and we get to see and feel exactly what is being seen and felt at that pinpoint in time.....colours and movement are vivid. Keep up the great work Tom.

  8. These are really beautiful paintings Tom
    Best of luck with all your work!

  9. I live in Arizona, and we have some of the most beautiful sunrises/sunsets here. They are so different from anywhere that I have lived. When someone else paints a different sky line or landscape, it takes me visually to that place. It’s mind travel  When I was looking at the piece “Atlantic Force”, I instantly wanted to wrap myself in a blanket and have a warm cup of coffee. Which was fantastic, because I totally got lost in the landscape. I love the movement and colors that were used. You can really feel that those rocks have been soaked in water and the day is coming to an end with the dark gray clouds rolling in. Although the piece is dark, it still is comforting. I am a new fan of his work!